Travel Thursdays!

San Juan,Puerto Rico

Travel Thursdays are back! Today I will feature my adventures in the beautiful SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO! PR was absolutely beautiful..although it rained the entire time we were there. Bummer, I know! However, I still managed to take some quick shots in between the rain showers. 

What I love most about PR are the vibrant colored Spanish colonial buildings throughout the city. It looked like something straight from a magazine! We did a lot of shopping at the Plaza las Americas Mall & the Puerto Rico Premium Outlets. They had every store you could possibly think of..Forever 21, Polo Factory, BeBe, Banana Republic, Gap..Pretty much all of my favs!
Unfortunately, we were not able to hang out at the beach, but at a glance, I could tell it was beautiful. I would recommend you guys to check out PR. It is definitely a must see!  

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