In need of a revamped style and image, looking for change? You want to feel confident and attractive in your clothing but want to stay true to your style…or maybe you don’t even know what that is? Together we’ll uncover your personal style, shopping habits and unique shape to create an image that suits your personality, lifestyle and budget. With my help, you’ll gain power over style insecurities and have the ability to pull together looks that bring out your confident, polished, best self. Schedule a 30 minute in person consultation to discuss your wardrobe needs and determine the best styling plan for you.
Maximizing starts within! We will go through your entire closet to identify what works and what doesn’t, build outfits with pieces you already own, take photos of these outfits to create a look book for you to refer back to and create a detailed list of recommended items to help round out your wardrobe customized to fit your budget.
Creating looks that cater to what compliments YOUR body type. Though not all styles of fashion compliments all, each person can look stunning if styled with the best fit and size for their body frame. I’ll shop pre-selected stores creating several head-to-toe looks and have them ready for you to try on when you arrive. This service is ideal for people that simply do not have time to shop for work-wear, a special event or general clothing.
You want to feel confident, attractive and stylish yet live miles away from me? No problem! With my virtual assistance we can style and shop as if we were side by side, whether you need an outfit for an upcoming event or simply need help creating outfits, my services can be virtually executed and you will receive hand-picked items and/or complete outfits visually laid out delivered via email to help meet your needs and budget within your allotted time frame.

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