Love Yourself: Part One

Our vision here at Style By She is to empower women and to make them feel absolutely fabulous! This post is one of three that will help you strive to love yourself, no matter what! We are each uniquely different. Discovering your unique type of beauty will change your life. Women who dress their truth know they are full of natural beauty, inside and out, and they express it beautifully with everything they put on! 

When you look in your closet and stare at your clothes..Who picked them out? Were those clothes chosen to fit a mold, a definition of who you are supposed to be? Do you really like that little black dress, or did you see it in a magazine and assumed it was stylish? Now look deep down in yourself and ask who you are meant to be. Without outside influence, what would you most want to wear going out? Pretend you will not be judged for your choice of style. What would you wear? What would you do to your hair? Would you wear make up? What is your truth?! 

Many might have been taught that speaking the truth was rude if it in some way offended another person, so you developed the “Disease to Please” in order to keep the peace and not hurt feelings. Journal about what your meditations reveal from childhood and connect the dots forward to issues you may have today. Everyone can experience their best life when they live their truth! Start living it today!


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