Winter White

White after Labor Day has been considered a fashion faux-pas since…well forever! But I firmly believe that some rules are meant to be broken. Wearing white after Labor Day may seem like a risk, but it’s one I encourage you to take.
I think that wearing white after Labor Day is completely acceptable, depending on how you wear it. Paying attention to fabric is very important. Coordinate matching whites to keep the look clean and simple. Classic neutrals such as a camel trench coat and pretty pastels will add sophistication to your fall look. The white will balance out the look keeping it clean and crisp! Also see what works best for you—find the best shade of white for your skin tone and the best silhouette for your body type.

So don't stop wearing those white pieces just because Labor Day is over. You paid good money for that stuff and it deserves to be worn!

White Trench Coat: Fabrik Boutique
White Suede Skinny
Clutch: Francesca's
Shoes: BCBG

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