I am so excited for this year's fall fashion! I have a BUNCH of new sweaters and scarves I purchased during end of season sales that I cannot wait to wear! Unfortunately, with me being from the "dirty south", we will not start to feel the fall temperatures until late November. Today's outfit post is an example of how to dress for fall ALTHOUGH you may not feel the fall temperatures in your area.
A big pet peeve of mine is to see people continue to wear summer clothes in the fall. I understand it is a little warm outside guys, but still dress for the season! You can do this by simply wearing fall colors! In my photos below, although I am wearing a short sleeved top, I am still dressed for the season because of the colors I am wearing! Easy huh?! Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Hat: Gap $19.00
Leather Striped Top: Ann Taylor $25
Jeans: Banana Republic $19
Pumps: BCBG, DSW $75 

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